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Zoo Animal Icon Set

Project Description

The objective of this project was to create 12 icons that fit together in a cohesive set. Not only did they need to based on a single topic, but the icons need to follow the same design rules for each.

I decided to create a set of zoo animals with rounded bodies and thick strokes. I wanted them to be cute and fairly simple.

Project Details

Assignment Icon Set of 12
Date February 6, 2016
Skills Design
Programs Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop


When I started this project, I had a really hard time deciding the topic for my icons. I tried flowers, Marvel, and a lot of different animals in general but in the end, I liked my sketches of zoo animals the best. I was originally going to make circle icons (as you can see from my first few elephant sketches) but I realized I was planning on that because it would be easier. I wanted to challenge myself so I decided to create fully shaped animals. I did, however, use circles to create the base for all my sketches to help them stay cohesive.


Although I’ve had a little bit of experience with Illustrator, I had never created anything like this. I had to learn how to do things as I went along and so I was pretty focused on the technical aspect. Thankfully, I had plenty of opportunities to get feedback from my peers and professor and they pointed out quite a few things that I missed and gave me suggestions on how to improve my icons. Based on the feedback I received, I fixed the caps of my lines (from squared to rounded), moved around a few things to avoid tangents and to add balance, and removed the stroke from some parts (like the gorilla’s hair). I also completely redid the lion’s mane.

Final Icons

It took some time and a lot of revisions but I ended up with a set of icons I’ve very proud of. I learned a lot about how to transfer my sketches into digital form, how to see images in shapes, and how to keep each separate icon consistent with the rest of the set. I also noticed a significant difference from the time it took to create the first icon to the time it took to create the rest of the set.