Vector Watch

Project Description

For this project, I needed to create a photorealistic vector watch on illustrator using a variety of shapes and gradients. Although flat designs are very popular right now, it’s extremely useful to know how to create depth and dimension.

After starting a few different styles of watches, I settled on a simple, yet unique design that allowed me to play with different textures and gloss.

Project Details

Assignment Photorealistic Vector Watch
Date February 16, 2016
Skills Design
Programs Adobe Illustrator


As is usually the case, my sketches have nothing to do with my final product. Even though I didn’t end up using the design I drew, sketching really helped me isolate different parts of the watch to decide how I would assemble the final product. My sketches also gave me a jumping off point. I created a really quick and really rough draft of the design I drew and I realized pretty quickly that although I could definitely do it, the design didn’t allow me to use Illustrator in the way I wanted to. I did, however, use pieces of my draft to create my next draft, and eventually my final design.


I know a lot of people who like to sketch out a variety of designs, pick one, and create it. I’m far more comfortable with Illustrator than drawing so I prefer to do my brainstorming on the computer and usually that means I end up with a variety of different drafts. The benefit of creating multiple designs as vectors is that I can use pieces from each draft I make. I also learned a lot with each draft.

With my first version, I became a lot more comfortable using the shape builder tool to create custom complex shapes. My second design taught my a lot about using gradients and creating textures. Textures, it turns out, can actually be a bit of an issue. My file ended up having so many pieces that it took a minute to process each change in my design. It really wasn’t worth it.

Final Watch

I am so insanely proud of how my watch turned out. I was completely out of my element with this project but I kept working at it until I ended up with something I liked. It was surprisingly therapeutic to add more and more layers to create exactly what I was aiming for. I probably made more layers than I needed, but since this was my first time creating something like this, I was cautious of deleting anything. This project was a bit of a learning curve for me, but I found that each time I started over, I was faster and more comfortable with the tools.