I'm Always Right

Vector Shirt Design

Project Description

Merchandise is the core of many businesses so it’s important to know how to take an idea and turn it into a completed product. For this project, I came up with a concept, created various drafts, finalized my design, and had it printed on a shirt.

I had a hard time coming up with a concept that I would actually wear, and after taking to my parents (both math minors), I realized that it would be fun to combine something creative like design and something logical like math. Since squares are made up entirely of right angles, they’re always right. Get it?

Project Details

  • Assignment Vector T-Shirt Design
  • Date March 3, 2016
  • Skills Design
  • Programs Adobe Illustrator


When I create sketches, I like to quickly put a few together on Illustrator. I’m more comfortable with a mousepad than a pencil so a lot of my brainstorming is done on the computer, which was the case for this project as I actually never ended up actually sketching this design. I’m a fan of minimalist design and since this design is quite literally a basic shape, I threw the pieces together on Illustrator so I would have a jumping off point.

Feedback & Refinement

I was worried that no one would understand the joke, but when I presented the idea to my class pretty much everyone got it. Since my design was so simple, there wasn’t a lot of feedback. Someone pointed out that the symbol for a right angle is a square and not a dashed curve so I fixed that and I also rearranged the text to make it more interesting. At this point, I was really happy with the design, but after talking to my teacher, I realized that there was more I could do to make it more interesting. I extended some of the letters to create more right angles and I added some shading.

The Final Product

Even though my design is pretty simple, I learned a lot about the designing process through this project. I was pretty happy with my 2nd draft but I kept working and pushing the design further and I ended up with a design I really like. I realized that when I think I’m done with a design, I need to do more. Even if I end up liking a previous version, there’s always a chance I might come up with something better, which I believe is the case for this project.

Also, I now have a shirt that I designed myself, which is pretty cool.