Project Description

I was part of a small group assigned to make a simple 3 minute narrative. The main purpose of the project was to create a portfolio piece that feature high quality video and audio.

I came up with the concept, helped write the script, and edited the video and audio.

Project Details

  • Assignment 3 Minute Narrative
  • Date April 2016
  • Skills Video & Audio
  • Programs Adobe Premiere, Audition

The Concept: I really wanted to create a video that slightly more abstract than the typical narrative. The liked the challenge of giving inanimate objects emotion. Without facial expressions and body language, emotion would need to be portrayed through angles and sound. Post production is my favorite part of photography and videography so I was looking forward to it.

The Script: Because the story was told through the point of view of an inanimate object, the script was entirely written in directions, and no dialog. I worked with one of the group members using Adobe Script so we could easily collaborate. She later used the script to direct the filming.

Video: The video editing relied heavily on the soundtrack. A lot of people add music as an after thought but I prefer being able to match the video cuts and transitions to the beat of the music. I feel like it makes the entire video more fluid. I edited the video using Adobe Premiere.

Audio: The audio is the part I am most proud of. We decided to forgo the use of microphones while filming in favor of adding ambient sound exclusively with Premiere and Adobe Audition. I found royalty free sound affects on the YouTube audio library, which is also where I found the background music. Not all affects were labeled for how I used them. I spent quite a bit of time searching for the appropriate sounds, and I used audition to modify them so they would fit exactly how I needed them to.