Birds of a Feather

Gig Poster

Project Description

For this project, I created a band and a poster to advertise an upcoming gig. I used sketches, shapes, and textures to create a unique design that illustrates the mood and style of the band’s music.

Project Details

  • Assignment Gig Poster
  • Date March 17, 2016
  • Skills Design
  • Programs Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Capture (App)


Starting out, I knew I wanted to base my band off The Civil Wars. Not only do they have the most hauntingly beautiful music, but their songs are full of imagery that I knew would be great for a poster. I also knew I wanted to try a more hand-drawn style since my last few designs were flat and skeuomorphic.

I originally started out creating a poster for The Civil Wars themselves. I did a lot of sketches for that, as well as a few designs based on individual songs. I realized when I finished my sketches that I really liked the simpler designs. I moved on to my Poison and Wine concept (the wine glass and bottle) but right after I finished my first draft, I had a great idea for Birds of a Feather.

Feedback & Refinement

When I first shared my sketches, most people said they liked the wine glass and poison bottle. I did a few sketches and then used Adobe Capture to vectorize my favorite parts. Once I had a some what decent draft, I shared it again. I wasn’t totally happy with it and considering the first comments I received were that they thought it said ‘Poison Swine’, I decided to go in a different direction.

I knew right away that my Birds of a Feather concept was the winner. I did a bunch of sketches of different birds, and once again used Adobe Capture to vectorize them. I also tried some hand lettering, but I realized that less was more, especially because there were so many patterns on the bird.

For the bird itself, I created a bunch of different patterns and used them to fill in different sections. I also used the blob brush to color in each section, and used a slightly darker shade to add depth.

The Final Product

My final gig poster is a compilation of multiple techniques and design principles. I vectorized sketches, used the brush to add color, created patterns, and played with texture. This poster is different from anything else I’ve created, but I think it’s my favorite project so far.