Project Description

While I was an intern at the Bellevue Downtown Association, I was asked to create a holiday themed postcard to send out to the members. Instructions included finding a recent photo of downtown to use, include employee signatures, and come up with a generic holiday message.

Project Details

  • Assignment Holiday Post Card
  • Date December, 2016
  • Skills Design
  • Programs Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator


The first step to designing the front of the card was finding a picture. There are a lot of photos of Downtown Bellevue but I was asked to find one that was recent to show how much Downtown Bellevue had grown. After finding an appropriate stock photo, I was able to use the colors to incorporate into the rest of the design. I ended up pulling the purple color from the image, which was a great fit for the holiday/winter theme.

The message needed to be festive and inclusive. After trying a couple different sayings, it was determined that this was the best fit.

I wanted a font combination that was modern and elegant, and easy to read. I knew I wanted most of the message to be a light weight sans serif with increased kerning. I went with my favorite font (Lato) and paired with a simple cursive (I Love Glitter). I used Adobe Illustrator to modify the fonts so they would be well balanced on the card.

*This card was designed for print (CMYK) so the colors in the card are actually more muted than they are in the digital version.

The back of the card was a lot for simple because of restriction because it was made into a postcard.

There were two main requirements for the back of the card. One was that it needed to include the logo (we added the TransManage logo later) and signatures of all the employees.

The signatures are under the purple box. There were about 10-15 so I arranged them in a slightly scatter position.

I used Adobe Capture to make sure the signatures were crisp and easy to move. I had staff members sign their names on a piece of paper and then used the app to create vector versions of each individual one. Once in my cloud library, I was able to drag them into my file, color, and resize them all while preserving the quality.

Over all, it was a pretty uncomplicated project. I had a lot of fun playing with colors and messages, while working with a variety of programs. I learned a lot about how the Adobe programs work together to create an easier experience.