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When I designed my photobook, I knew I wanted to do more than just write a few summary blurbs to accompany my photos. We were assigned to include at least 3 paragraphs, which was originally my plan, but they sort of evolved on their own.


People are the heart of every story. They are the driving force for each conflict, and every resolution. People are never stagnant, they constantly change and achieve. Everyone’s innate differences compliment and contrast with each other, giving life color when it would otherwise be gray. People are the reason for everything.

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Security Guards Are Not To Be Trusted :: 2nd Place Creative Work

During my first semester (Fall 2012) I had an awesome english professor who encouraged me to enter one of my writing assignments into the Research and Creative Works Conference. I used a short personal story I had written in that class and presented it in front of a panel of judges. I got 2nd place! Considering it was my first semester, I was understandably nervous. I fumbled a few times during my verbal presentation and I think if I hadn’t I could have gotten 1st place. Regardless, I was insanely proud of myself for putting myself out there, and I still am.

KCM Cert001


A couple years ago, my friends and I got our hands on 4 free tickets to the Justin Bieber concert. The concert itself was crazy enough but after was even more so. We discovered that an old man was going around, speaking to all the young girls, none of which knew him. We told security that we were worried and then security told on us. The man was apparently guilty, as he ended up chasing my friends and I all the way to the train. I learned the hard way that security guards are not police, therefore, I should not expect them to act like police. They are young, immature, and more concerned about their ‘swag’ than keeping people safe. Next time I have a security problem, I’m calling the police.

Keywords: Justin Bieber, concert, security, pedophile, chase, train

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Parks in Rexburg :: Published News Article

BYU-I has a school paper called The Scroll. I was part of the photo staff my 2nd semester (Spring 2013), but there was an opportunity to write an article so I took it. That week we were publishing a special section about things you could do outside in Rexburg. I was assigned to write about the local parks. My article was published June 17, 2013, and can be found online at

Relax in the parks

Free time is valuable for students, and in a small town, it can be hard to find something to do. However, there are endless activities for those who spend their time in one of Rexburg’s many parks.

The city of Rexburg contains nine public parks that are open year-round. The parks in Rexburg are: the Clair Boyle Skate Park, Eagle Park Campground, Evergreen/Kiwanis Park, Hidden Valley Park, Nature Park, Park Street Park, Porter Park, Rotary Park and Smith Park.

Students and members of the community are invited to enjoy what the parks have to offer.

Richie Lee, a senior studying exercise physiology, said that he usually visits the parks four or five times a week to play volleyball, ride his bike or go for a run.

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